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About us

The vision

To be the first choice for clients seeking luxurious aesthetics in this real estate era.

The Mission

We aim to achieve our vision through client fulfillment. Luxurious development is the name of the game. We will deliver the highest quality real estate experience for our clients by utilizing our resources and outsourcing the best team, tools, and raw materials to make their dream a reality.

Our History

The essential part of any structure is its foundation. Lamayzac Development Ltd prides itself on being the cornerstone of this real estate era. We are built upon the solid foundation of a family. We believe that home is where your story begins. Lamayzac has been in our hearts from the early days of sitting under a tree, playing in the streets with friends, and racing to the streams to catch water.
Lamayzac was formally established as a real estate development company in the warm summer of June 2020. Here at Lamayzac, we bring the idea of luxury to light, one project at a time. In that regard, we believe that our team is our greatest asset in making our client’s dreams a reality. Lamayzac portrays luxury in each detail. Since our establishment, we have been building our team, setting our footprint in the mud, and structuring our concepts to be prepared to accomplish our dreams.

Our team

Our team is Combined of professionals with over 30 years of experience in different areas of construction.  The team is led by Mr. Frederick Lawrence former Inspector of Police who is one our Director he is a visionary and strategist. Mr. Horace Thompson, our Managing Director, who has more than 30 years in the construction industry, and he is very meticulous about his work. Chantel Reid is our Director of Administration and Accounting. Mr. Richardo Lee Quantity surveyor, Dennard Davis Electrical Engineering.

Work with us

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